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Planing My Way To Go Through The Atlas By Path Of Exile
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Postat av:  nike2
Kategori: Teknik
Inlägg18 04 13, 11:24
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Which maps Would you guys shape or elder, and which maps Would you have an elder or shaper influence?, im planing my way to go through the atlas.

I read a map guide that says running a map but not killing the map boss changes the presence for shaper/elder. Does that mean I can move shaper influence off a map to another one by running the map without killing the boss?

now a days it feels like PoE reddit is 50% "look at my poe items uuuuu it is so goooood". back in the day if was none of that and mostly good posts about ppl builds that they made or something fun that happend in game like deaths or close calls, I´m kinda getting sick of all the item posts that are all over Hot page. I just need to to put it out there. maybe there could just be one post where you post your item in the comment of that post so it dosent over flow the Hot page

I see a lot of comments misunderstanding what I'm saying, I don´t want the poe orbs showcase to go away rather get them all in one location under a mega threat of sort, so they dont take up all the space for other posts.

This sub is full of rules that are not even attempted to be enforced. Especially if the post reaches certain popularity it's like mods are afraid of backlash and won't delete it. How about go ahead and delete it, and delete absolutely every thread that ever complains about deleted posts and put people who make those threads on extended probation.

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