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Ah well I only have 20 so this won't be able to be utilized for me probably start of 2021. Can you monitor career or season stats using this at all? I wish. . However, I do not believe Mut 21 coins exports any career or season stats. Otherwise, I'd really like to do that! That is amazing, thank you a lot for it. Just shared it with my 32-man league. That is superb! I had been attempting to make something similar for me personally, but as another person mentioned, was going about it in a far more tedious manner than you've made it! I'll be relying heavily with this particular tool moving forward! Like could I sort rate high to low for recipients? The option was grayed out when I attempted and I am not Excel educated enough to understand why. Thanks!

Thanks guy! Right now, you can't but I can upgrade it so we may have a slicer to the principal features like Speed 95+, 90-94, etc.. And STR to get lineman. This should be easy to do. 2nd this, this is an unbelievable tool. Having the ability to sort as previously mentioned will help a lot. I've got to play with it more. . In addition, I wish to attempt and use this to discover players perhaps on other positions but based on their characteristics are a fantastic fit for a different position. That's all based on top stats by position though. Amazing work!! Thanks guy. Yeah, that has been one of the reasons why I built the tool. I enjoyed finding young Buy Madden 21 coins players with good fundamental attributes and groom them to become excruciating. Allow me to know if you think about some probable improvements!

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